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Wednesday April 24 2024

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Hunger and malnutrition remains the biggest cause of the death in the world – not Covid, not cancer – as we laid out in our opening feature

The world produces enough to feed everyone but dysfunction across subsidies, farming, transport, wages, animal health, poor planning and many other elements of the food system continues to cause 30,000 deaths a day from hunger and malnutrition – even in countries producing plenty. 

One third of all food produced is wasted due to dysfunction in the system. 

One third of all carbon emissions are from food production – so fixing the food system is also the best way to address climate change. 

Simple co-operation across the various elements of the food system – not extra money – would address the problems.

Quota’s specialist food systems community brings together the global business, policy and research fields. We believe that co-operation among this influential group offers the greatest opportunity to change the food system for the better.

The food and agriculture industry is worth at least US$8 trillion. Food-related humanitarian aid has risen to more than US$6.5 billion, up from US$5.3 billion in 2016.

This is big business and we’re here to help it do better.


Around the world, tens of thousands of professionals contribute to food security through:

  • Developing and delivering food systems
  • Producing and distributing food products
  • Researching all areas of food consumption and provision

Quota delivers the news and information to support these business decisions, through:

  • A morning news précis, Daily Quota
  • Fresh, investigative journalism – on everything from innovation to catastrophe
  • Great research that needs a wider audience for true impact
  • Monthly briefings on the biggest topics in food


There can be no argument against making sure everyone accesses the food they need. Providing food is our most fundamental and unifying activity.

United Nations estimates suggest production must rise almost 50% by 2050 to keep up with need. Ongoing ingenuity, in our ability to organise, and through technical evolution, continues to inch us ahead of the challenge. We’ve succeeded for 200 years so far, since British economist Thomas Malthus predicted population growth would outstrip food supply.

Lockdowns around the world in response to the Covid-19 virus have led to stark reminders of how fragile food systems are.

At all times, hazards from locust swarms and bushfires to heating oceans, remind us of the environmental strain on food supply. Trade wars, disease, poor, even corrupt, administration aggravate the burden.

Humanity has managed to respond with increased productivity, aiming to emit less greenhouse gases in doing so. And innovations abound from producing protein out of air  to financial models supporting sustainability over unfettered growth.

In all this, the food industry is adapting to changing tastes, and consumers who increasingly question the effect of their food choices.

Our position

At Quota we are on the side of food security. That’s it. We are endlessly curious about the relationship between environmental sustainability, commodities markets, farming, science, policies and food agencies, whose efforts combine to create the food systems of today. 

Our primal response to good food is never forgotten. We love our food.

And we love good journalism. Our business model prioritises the re-investment of income into our award-winning reporting.

Content of record

We strive only to publish content that contributes to food security. If we don’t believe a story will remain relevant, we won’t publish it.

Our logo

Quota’s Latin motto, Sol omnibus lucet, “The sun shines on everyone”, is from the 1st-Century Roman novel Satyricon by Gaius Petronius. Under the same sun, we all have a role to play in food security. And, we all suffer when food systems fail.

We came across the bee goddess artefact adapted into our logo in the British Museum. She’s believed to be from the 7th century BC, was found in Rhodes, and her worship dates far further back. For Quota, she represents the vital role bees play in the food ecosystem, the pollination of ideas and better relationships we foster, and the great pleasure that honey has always been – our first sweet treat before sugar crops were developed.

Quota TV and Omnibuzz

You will find filmed interviews with food specialists from around the world on our YouTube channel. We’re calling the series Omnibuzz. 

Anonymous and attributed briefings

We welcome anonymous briefings, which our team validate, along with attributed input. Our chief interest is insights that enhance innovation in food security

Tell us your news

We welcome tip offs, research papers, and press releases – always make sure we can email and call you back.

Food systems delivered by policy wonks and international agencies

You might be involved in trade talks, humanitarian aid, good policy leadership, or regulation. If you are connected to food systems we should be writing about, please email us at making it clear if your story is anonymous. Make sure we are able to contact you to follow up in either case.

Food business, from entrepreneurs to multi-nationals

If your work contributes to food security, through sustainable or innovative developments, we would love to hear from you. Perhaps your investor focus is shifting, your new contracts with agricultural suppliers are fairer, you have committed to carbon reduction, or your consumers are demanding change. Perhaps your tech breakthrough changes everything for the food business. Please email and tell us why fellow businesses, food system professionals and researchers need to know about it.

Researchers in all areas of food.

If you are a researcher, funded either by academia or industry, please email us your research paper on with a two-paragraph summary on why our audiences need to read this. Make sure we have the full list of authors, institutions and funders for attribution and we can contact you.

For more details about how to contact us, head to this page.


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